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Tattoo Aftercare:

    Every tattoo artist has their own tattoo aftercare procedure, my instructions are very simple.

    1. Leave the tattoo bandaged for at least two hours, I suggest leaving it on  overnight for tattoos with a lot of solid color.
    2. Keep the tattoo clean with anti-bacterial soap. I recommend Dial or Softsoap non-scented, but any antibacterial soap is fine.
    3. Use an unscented fragrance free lotion.  I suggest Lubriderm or Curel, Aquaphor is good as well just dont over do it.

    Keep it clean and use a little bit of lotion.  Simple.

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Under the stewardship of co-owners Travis Chick and Kayden Digiovanni, Dallas Tattoo has been at the forefront of the tattoo business in the Dallas-Forth-Worth area since 2010. The studio has distinguished itself as one of the best tattoo shops in Dallas, TX by focusing on quality. This quality extends not only to the awesome customer service experience but also to the custom tattoo design work rendered at the studio.​​

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We at DALLAS TATTOO are dedicated to providing the DFW area, and beyond, with the best customer service, quality work.

Our artists are carefully chosen, with a strong passion for their craft. We draw, paint and tattoo beautiful designs with a very realistic, or highly stylized feel.
Our Tattoo Artist are committed to making people feel comfortable and safe throughout the process of adding art to their bodies. We offer quality, professionalism and creativity, in order to deliver beautiful work that our clients will be proud to endorse for a lifetime.​​​

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